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Plugin Demo: Streaming

Want to learn more about the Streaming plugin? Check the Documentation.

Demo details

This demo showcases the functionality provided by the Streaming plugin. In particular, it provides three different streaming approaches, namely:

  1. An on-demand stream originated by a file (a song, in this case): different users accessing this stream would receive a personal view of the stream itself.
  2. A pseudo-live stream, still originated by a file (an audio recording of a radio running commentary): different users accessing this stream would all receive the same, shared view of the stream.
  3. A live stream, originated by a gstreamer script: as for the pseudo-live stream, different users will get the same feed.

You can try them all within the same session: just choose the stream you're interested in and press the Watch button to start the playout. Stopping it will allow you to switch to a different one.

Press the Start button above to launch the demo.