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Data Fields
janus_sipre_stack Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct sip * sipstack
struct tls * tls
struct sipsess * sess
struct sipsess_sock * sess_sock
struct sipreg * reg
struct dnsc * dns_client
uint32_t expires
const struct sip_msg * invite
void * session

Field Documentation

struct dnsc* janus_sipre_stack::dns_client
uint32_t janus_sipre_stack::expires
const struct sip_msg* janus_sipre_stack::invite
struct sipreg* janus_sipre_stack::reg
struct sipsess* janus_sipre_stack::sess
struct sipsess_sock* janus_sipre_stack::sess_sock
void* janus_sipre_stack::session
struct sip* janus_sipre_stack::sipstack
struct tls* janus_sipre_stack::tls

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