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Todo List
File apierror.h
This code still needs proper hooks in the JavaScript libraries that use the interface.
File debug.h
Improve this wrappers to optionally save logs on file
The gateway currently only supports OFFER and ANSWER.
File janus_sip.c
Only Asterisk and Kamailio have been tested as a SIP server, and specifically only with basic audio calls: this plugin needs some work to make it more stable and reliable.
File plugin.h
Right now plugins can only interact with peers, through the gateway. Besides, a single PeerConnection can at the moment be used by only one plugin, as that plugin is actually the "owner" of the PeerConnection itself. In next versions of Janus we'll work on stuff like plugins "chaining": that is, plugins that can act as "filters" for other plugins (e.g., transcoders) or as additional sources/sinks for the same PeerConnection of the same peer (e.g., to add recording functionality to a video conference using a different plugin).
File sdp.h
Right now, we only support sessions with up to a single audio and/or a single video stream (as in, a single audio and/or video m-line) plus an optional DataChannel. Later versions of the gateway will add support for more media streams of the same type in a session.