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Demo details

This demo shows how you can record a WebRTC session, and replay it later. You can choose to either record a new session (e.g., a videomessage) or watch any of the recordings that may be available (including those you made yourself).

This application makes use of the integrated recording feature in Janus, specifically the individual recording of audio and video streams in .mjr format: these individual recordings are then used for a live broadcasting of the dumped RTP packets through a sendonly WebRTC PeerConnection when you choose to replay them. To post-process these recordings in a more usable format (e.g., .webm for video or .opus for audio) you can make use of the janus-pp-rec tool that is available as part of the Janus code.

Note well! When you record a message using this demo, it will become available for replay not only to you immediately after the recording ends, but also to other people visiting the web page. That is how the demo was originally conceived. We remove the test recordings from time to time ourselves, but in case you'd like to us to remove one you made sooner than that (e.g., because you recorded it by mistake), just contact us clicking here and we'll take care of that.

Press the Start button above to launch the demo.


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