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Event Handlers

Event handler plugins available out of the box. More...

Collaboration diagram for Event Handlers:


 Event Handler API
 Event Handler API (aka, how to write your own event handler plugin)


file  janus_gelfevh.c
 Janus GelfEventHandler plugin.
file  janus_mqttevh.c
 Janus MQTTEventHandler plugin.
file  janus_nanomsgevh.c
 Janus NanomsgEventHandler plugin.
file  janus_rabbitmqevh.c
 Janus RabbitMQEventHandler plugin.
file  janus_sampleevh.c
 Janus SampleEventHandler plugin.
file  janus_wsevh.c
 Janus WebSockets EventHandler plugin.

Detailed Description

Event handler plugins available out of the box.

In order to showcase how different plugins can handle events originated by the Janus core or any of its plugins, a sample plugin implementation is provided out of the box. The API for writing a new event handler plugin is specified in the Event Handler API section.