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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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 apierror.hJanus API errors definition
 auth.cRequests authentication
 auth.hRequests authentication (headers)
 cmdline.hThe header file for the command line option parser generated by GNU Gengetopt version 2.23 DO NOT modify this file, since it can be overwritten
 config.cConfiguration files parsing
 config.hConfiguration files parsing (headers)
 debug.hLogging and Debugging
 dtls-bio.hOpenSSL BIO agent writer
 dtls.cDTLS/SRTP processing
 dtls.hDTLS/SRTP processing (headers)
 events.cEvent handler notifications
 events.hEvent handler notifications (headers)
 ice.cJanus handles and ICE/STUN/TURN processing
 ice.hJanus handles and ICE/STUN/TURN processing (headers)
 ip-utils.cIP address related utility functions
 ip-utils.hIP address related utility functions (headers)
 janus-cfgconv.cSimple utility to convert Janus .cfg files to .jcfg and viceversa
 janus.cJanus core
 janus.hJanus core (headers)
 log.cBuffered logging
 log.hBuffered logging (headers)
 mutex.hSemaphors, Mutexes and Conditions
 options.hCommand line options parser for Janus
 record.hAudio/Video recorder
 refcount.hReference counter mechanism
 rtcp.cRTCP processing
 rtcp.hRTCP processing (headers)
 rtp.cRTP processing
 rtp.hRTP processing (headers)
 rtpfwd.cRTP forwarders
 rtpfwd.hRTP forwarders (headers)
 rtpsrtp.hSRTP definitions (headers)
 sctp.cSCTP processing for data channels
 sctp.hSCTP processing for data channels (headers)
 sdp-utils.cSDP utilities
 sdp-utils.hSDP utilities (headers)
 sdp.cSDP processing
 sdp.hSDP processing (headers)
 text2pcap.cDumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format
 text2pcap.hDumping of RTP/RTCP packets to text2pcap or pcap format (headers)
 utils.cUtilities and helpers
 utils.hTURN REST API client
 version.hJanus GitHub versioning (headers)