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Post-processing to generate .wav files from G.722 (headers) More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include "pp-rtp.h"
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const char ** janus_pp_g722_get_extensions (void)
int janus_pp_g722_create (char *destination, char *metadata)
int janus_pp_g722_process (FILE *file, janus_pp_frame_packet *list, int *working)
void janus_pp_g722_close (void)

Detailed Description

Post-processing to generate .wav files from G.722 (headers)

Lorenzo Miniero

Implementation of the post-processing code needed to generate raw .wav files out of G.722 RTP frames.

Recordings post-processing utility

Function Documentation

◆ janus_pp_g722_close()

void janus_pp_g722_close ( void  )

◆ janus_pp_g722_create()

int janus_pp_g722_create ( char *  destination,
char *  metadata 

◆ janus_pp_g722_get_extensions()

const char ** janus_pp_g722_get_extensions ( void  )

◆ janus_pp_g722_process()

int janus_pp_g722_process ( FILE *  file,
janus_pp_frame_packet list,
int *  working