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sctp.c File Reference

SCTP processing for data channels. More...

Detailed Description

SCTP processing for data channels.

Lorenzo Miniero
Right now, the code is heavily based on the rtcweb.c sample code provided in the usrsctp library code, and as such the copyright notice that appears at the beginning of that code is ideally present here as well:
If you want/need to debug SCTP messages for any reason, you can do so by uncommenting the definition of DEBUG_SCTP in sctp.h. This will force this code to save all the SCTP messages being exchanged to a separate file for each session. You must choose what folder to save these files in by modifying the debug_folder variable. Once a file has been saved, you need to process it using the text2pcap tool that is usually shipped with Wireshark, e.g.:
cd /path/to/sctp
/usr/sbin/text2pcap -n -l 248 -D -t '%H:%M:%S.' sctp-debug-XYZ.txt sctp-debug-XYZ.pcapng
/usr/sbin/wireshark sctp-debug-XYZ.pcapng