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14#include <glib.h>
17typedef struct janus_options {
18 gboolean daemon;
19 const char *pid_file;
21 gboolean log_stdout;
22 const char *log_file;
23 const char *cwd_path;
24 const char *interface;
25 const char *plugins_folder;
26 const char *config_file;
27 const char *configs_folder;
28 const char *cert_pem;
29 const char *cert_key;
30 const char *cert_pwd;
31 const char *stun_server;
32 const char *nat_1_1;
34 const char *ice_enforce_list;
35 const char *ice_ignore_list;
38 gboolean libnice_debug;
39 gboolean full_trickle;
40 gboolean ice_lite;
41 gboolean ice_tcp;
45 const char *rtp_port_range;
47 const char *server_name;
53 gboolean debug_locks;
54 const char *apisecret;
55 gboolean token_auth;
56 const char *token_auth_secret;
66gboolean janus_options_parse(janus_options *opts, int argc, char *argv[]);
69void janus_options_destroy(void);
void janus_options_destroy(void)
Helper method to get rid of the options parser resources.
Definition: options.c:78
gboolean janus_options_parse(janus_options *opts, int argc, char *argv[])
Helper method to parse the command line options.
Definition: options.c:15
Struct containing the parsed command line options for Janus.
Definition: options.h:17
gboolean libnice_debug
Definition: options.h:38
int reclaim_session_timeout
Definition: options.h:49
const char * nat_1_1
Definition: options.h:32
int debug_level
Definition: options.h:50
const char * cert_pwd
Definition: options.h:30
gboolean event_handlers
Definition: options.h:57
const char * cert_pem
Definition: options.h:28
int no_media_timer
Definition: options.h:43
gboolean ice_lite
Definition: options.h:40
const char * ice_enforce_list
Definition: options.h:34
const char * config_file
Definition: options.h:26
const char * pid_file
Definition: options.h:19
const char * token_auth_secret
Definition: options.h:56
const char * cwd_path
Definition: options.h:23
gboolean debug_timestamps
Definition: options.h:51
gboolean ice_tcp
Definition: options.h:41
int twcc_period
Definition: options.h:46
const char * apisecret
Definition: options.h:54
gboolean ipv6_candidates
Definition: options.h:36
gboolean disable_colors
Definition: options.h:52
int slowlink_threshold
Definition: options.h:44
gboolean token_auth
Definition: options.h:55
int min_nack_queue
Definition: options.h:42
gboolean daemon
Definition: options.h:18
const char * plugins_folder
Definition: options.h:25
gboolean debug_locks
Definition: options.h:53
const char * stun_server
Definition: options.h:31
const char * rtp_port_range
Definition: options.h:45
gboolean no_webrtc_encryption
Definition: options.h:58
const char * cert_key
Definition: options.h:29
const char * server_name
Definition: options.h:47
gboolean ipv6_link_local
Definition: options.h:37
gboolean keep_private_host
Definition: options.h:33
gboolean full_trickle
Definition: options.h:39
int session_timeout
Definition: options.h:48
gboolean disable_stdout
Definition: options.h:20
const char * configs_folder
Definition: options.h:27
const char * interface
Definition: options.h:24
const char * log_file
Definition: options.h:22
gboolean log_stdout
Definition: options.h:21
const char * ice_ignore_list
Definition: options.h:35