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mutex.h File Reference

Semaphors, Mutexes and Conditions. More...

#include <pthread.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include "debug.h"
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#define janus_mutex_init(a)   g_mutex_init(a)
 Janus mutex initialization. More...
 Janus static mutex initializer. More...
#define janus_mutex_destroy(a)   g_mutex_clear(a)
 Janus mutex destruction. More...
#define janus_mutex_lock_nodebug(a)   g_mutex_lock(a);
 Janus mutex lock without debug. More...
#define janus_mutex_lock_debug(a)   { JANUS_PRINT("[%s:%s:%d:lock] %p\n", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, a); g_mutex_lock(a); };
 Janus mutex lock with debug (prints the line that locked a mutex) More...
#define janus_mutex_lock(a)   { if(!lock_debug) { janus_mutex_lock_nodebug(a); } else { janus_mutex_lock_debug(a); } };
 Janus mutex lock wrapper (selective locking debug) More...
#define janus_mutex_unlock_nodebug(a)   g_mutex_unlock(a);
 Janus mutex unlock without debug. More...
#define janus_mutex_unlock_debug(a)   { JANUS_PRINT("[%s:%s:%d:unlock] %p\n", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, a); g_mutex_unlock(a); };
 Janus mutex unlock with debug (prints the line that unlocked a mutex) More...
#define janus_mutex_unlock(a)   { if(!lock_debug) { janus_mutex_unlock_nodebug(a); } else { janus_mutex_unlock_debug(a); } };
 Janus mutex unlock wrapper (selective locking debug) More...
#define janus_condition_init(a)   g_cond_init(a)
 Janus condition initialization. More...
#define janus_condition_destroy(a)   g_cond_clear(a)
 Janus condition destruction. More...
#define janus_condition_wait(a, b)   g_cond_wait(a, b);
 Janus condition wait. More...
#define janus_condition_wait_until(a, b, c)   g_cond_wait_until(a, b, c);
 Janus condition wait until. More...
#define janus_condition_signal(a)   g_cond_signal(a);
 Janus condition signal. More...
#define janus_condition_broadcast(a)   g_cond_broadcast(a);
 Janus condition broadcast. More...


typedef GMutex janus_mutex
 Janus mutex implementation. More...
typedef GCond janus_condition
 Janus condition implementation. More...


int lock_debug

Detailed Description

Semaphors, Mutexes and Conditions.

Lorenzo Miniero Implementation (based on GMutex or pthread_mutex) of a locking mechanism based on mutexes and conditions.


Macro Definition Documentation

◆ janus_condition_broadcast

#define janus_condition_broadcast (   a)    g_cond_broadcast(a);

Janus condition broadcast.

◆ janus_condition_destroy

#define janus_condition_destroy (   a)    g_cond_clear(a)

Janus condition destruction.

◆ janus_condition_init

#define janus_condition_init (   a)    g_cond_init(a)

Janus condition initialization.

◆ janus_condition_signal

#define janus_condition_signal (   a)    g_cond_signal(a);

Janus condition signal.

◆ janus_condition_wait

#define janus_condition_wait (   a,
)    g_cond_wait(a, b);

Janus condition wait.

◆ janus_condition_wait_until

#define janus_condition_wait_until (   a,
)    g_cond_wait_until(a, b, c);

Janus condition wait until.

◆ janus_mutex_destroy

#define janus_mutex_destroy (   a)    g_mutex_clear(a)

Janus mutex destruction.

◆ janus_mutex_init

#define janus_mutex_init (   a)    g_mutex_init(a)

Janus mutex initialization.



Janus static mutex initializer.

◆ janus_mutex_lock

#define janus_mutex_lock (   a)    { if(!lock_debug) { janus_mutex_lock_nodebug(a); } else { janus_mutex_lock_debug(a); } };

Janus mutex lock wrapper (selective locking debug)

◆ janus_mutex_lock_debug

#define janus_mutex_lock_debug (   a)    { JANUS_PRINT("[%s:%s:%d:lock] %p\n", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, a); g_mutex_lock(a); };

Janus mutex lock with debug (prints the line that locked a mutex)

◆ janus_mutex_lock_nodebug

#define janus_mutex_lock_nodebug (   a)    g_mutex_lock(a);

Janus mutex lock without debug.

◆ janus_mutex_unlock

#define janus_mutex_unlock (   a)    { if(!lock_debug) { janus_mutex_unlock_nodebug(a); } else { janus_mutex_unlock_debug(a); } };

Janus mutex unlock wrapper (selective locking debug)

◆ janus_mutex_unlock_debug

#define janus_mutex_unlock_debug (   a)    { JANUS_PRINT("[%s:%s:%d:unlock] %p\n", __FILE__, __FUNCTION__, __LINE__, a); g_mutex_unlock(a); };

Janus mutex unlock with debug (prints the line that unlocked a mutex)

◆ janus_mutex_unlock_nodebug

#define janus_mutex_unlock_nodebug (   a)    g_mutex_unlock(a);

Janus mutex unlock without debug.

Typedef Documentation

◆ janus_condition

typedef GCond janus_condition

Janus condition implementation.

◆ janus_mutex

typedef GMutex janus_mutex

Janus mutex implementation.

Variable Documentation

◆ lock_debug

int lock_debug