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Gateway plugins available out of the box. More...

Collaboration diagram for Plugins:


 Plugin API
 Plugin API (aka, how to write your own plugin)


file  janus_audiobridge.c
 Janus AudioBridge plugin.
file  janus_echotest.c
 Janus EchoTest plugin.
file  janus_nosip.c
 Janus NoSIP plugin.
file  janus_recordplay.c
 Janus Record&Play plugin.
file  janus_sip.c
 Janus SIP plugin.
file  janus_sipre.c
 Janus SIPre plugin (libre)
file  janus_streaming.c
 Janus Streaming plugin.
file  janus_textroom.c
 Janus TextRoom plugin.
file  janus_videocall.c
 Janus VideoCall plugin.
file  janus_videoroom.c
 Janus VideoRoom plugin.
file  janus_voicemail.c
 Janus VoiceMail plugin.

Detailed Description

Gateway plugins available out of the box.

In order to showcase how different plugins can implement completely different applications on top of the Janus core, a few plugin implementations are provided out of the box. The API for writing a new plugin is specified in the Plugin API section.