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This page contains pointers to some third-party resources, in particular distro repos for an easier installation of Janus, where available, applications, mobile/docker/Pi stuff, orchestration tools, client stacks, libraries and bindings in other languages (that is tools that you find helpful to interact with Janus outside of the context of the janus.js JavaScript library we provide) and so on. It is not a complete list, but just a summary of the material that has been shared so far by the Community.

If you've developed anything related to Janus and you're willing to share it with the community, or you know any such effort that is not listed here, just let us know and we'll add it on this page.

Distro repositories

Debian Debian VoIP Team Janus packages (sid) Debian Sid
Debian/Ubuntu Saúl Ibarra Corretgé AG Projects Repo Debian Jessie, Ubuntu Trusty and Ubuntu Xenial
Snap Sergey Radionov janus-gateway-snap Helper repo for build Janus WebRTC Server on
openSUSE/SUSE Ancor Gonzalez Sosa Janus packages Repositories for several versions of SUSE and openSUSE

Client-side stacks

JavaScript/node Meetecho janode A Node.js adapter for the Janus WebRTC server
TypeScript/node smyrgeorge /janus-gateway-tsdx Modern typescript client for janus gateway. Based on websockets
JavaScript/node Nolan Darilek node-janus node and browserify compatible integration layer for the Janus WebRTC server
JavaScript/node Damon Oehlman rtc-janus node and browserify compatible integration layer for the Janus WebRTC server: experimental and incomplete as per the author words, but a good starting point
JavaScript/node Sebastian Schmid janus-gateway-js Simple JavaScript client for janus-gateway that runs in the browser as well as in Node.js
JavaScript/node sip:wise admin/videoroom client Node.js clients that implement the Admin API and VideoRoom functionality
JavaScript/node Marshall Quander minijanus.js A super-simplistic and -minimal wrapper for talking to the Janus signalling API
JavaScript/node TechTeamer janus-api Javascript (node and browser side) API for Janus WebRTC server
JavaScript/node Saddam Uwejan janus-api-mqtt Javascript (node and browser side) API for Janus WebRTC Gateway, Using MQTT
JavaScript/Angular Kevin Thompson janus-angular Angular Component for implementing a videoroom
ruby Cargo Media janus-gateway-ruby ruby client side API wrapper for the Janus API (websocket only at the moment)
C#/.NET Benjamin Trent JanusSharp C#/.Net client side API wrapper for the Janus API
PHP Mohamed Sadok Ben Jazia janus-gateway-php Client-side PHP/javascript implementation of the Janus and Admin APIs
PHP Marnus van Niekerk Janus PHP Class Client-side PHP Class implementing the Janus Admin API
Golang Nicholas Wylie go-janus Golang library to the Janus API (Unix Sockets/SOCK_DGRAM only at the moment)
Elixir Nolan Darilek elixir-janus Elixir client side API wrapper for the Janus WebRTC server
OBS CoSMo Software OBS-studio-webrtc This is a fork of obs-studio with support for webrtc in general, and Janus Video Room plugin in particular
OCaml Alexander Yanin Janus-ocaml Library for Janus WebRTC server handling written in OCaml (HTTP only)
Haskell oofp janus-connector Haskell binding of Janus client protocol using WebSocket transport with examples

Mobile resources

Android/iOS Meetecho janus-mobile-sdk Janus Client SDK [ABANDONED PROJECT]
Android Benjamin Trent janus-gateway-android API wrapper that utilizes the native WebRTC build and is made to ease communication with Janus
iOS Davide Bertola cordova-webrtc-janus-gateway cordova application that interfaces with Janus and is based on the PhoneRTC cordova plugin
Android/iOS Akinori Nakajima react-native-webrtc-janus-gateway Video conference system for mobile application on react-native-webrtc + Janus WebRTC server
Android/iOS WorldViews JanusMobile react-native based Janus mobile client

Raspberry Pi resources

Linux Projects Rpi VideoConference OS Ready-to-use OS for video conferences over the web from a Raspberry Pi
Linux Projects UV4L, User Space Video Collection Software modules providing solutions for encrypted live data, audio and video streaming, mirroring, conferencing

Docker resources

Brendan Jocson docker-janus Debian 8 based docker image for Meetecho's Janus Gateway
Akinori Nakajima janus-gateway-docker Janus WebRTC server Docker Image for Media Streaming Expert User janus-gateway-docker Docker image for the Janus WebRTC Server
Bartosz Balazinski janus-container Janus container

Configuration management

Leigh Johnson ansible-role-janus-gateway Ansible role to build and deploy Janus

Third-party plugins

Cargo Media janus-gateway-rtpbroadcast Janus-gateway plugin to broadcast RTP video
Marshall Quander janus-plugin-rs Rust bindings and wrappers for creating Janus plugins in Rust

Third-party transports

Nicholas Wylie janus-ud-transport Janus transport plugin that adds support for Datagram messages over Unix Domain Sockets

Event handlers (monitoring/troubleshooting)

node-js Chad Phillips janus-event-server Simple plugin-based server to receive/process events from Janus
Rust Mozilla janus-eventhandler-sqlite A Janus event handler plugin that writes events to a SQLite database


OpenSight janus-cloud An API proxy for Janus WebRTC server cluster

Complete applications

jangouts jangouts Videoconferencing based on WebRTC and Janus Gateway with an UI inspired by Google Hangouts
Goran Jovanov roomler Roomler - Video collaboration tool using WebRTC (Janus Gateway)