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Data Fields
janus_http_msg Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct MHD_Connection * connection
gchar * acrh
gchar * acrm
gchar * contenttype
gchar * payload
size_t len
gint64 session_id
janus_mutex wait_mutex
janus_condition wait_cond
gboolean got_response

Field Documentation

gchar* janus_http_msg::acrh
gchar* janus_http_msg::acrm
struct MHD_Connection* janus_http_msg::connection
gchar* janus_http_msg::contenttype
gboolean janus_http_msg::got_response
size_t janus_http_msg::len
gchar* janus_http_msg::payload
json_t* janus_http_msg::response
gint64 janus_http_msg::session_id
janus_condition janus_http_msg::wait_cond
janus_mutex janus_http_msg::wait_mutex

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