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Data Fields
janus_ice_queued_packet Struct Reference

Data Fields

gint mindex
char * data
char * label
char * protocol
gint length
gint type
gboolean control
gboolean retransmission
gboolean encrypted
gint64 added

Field Documentation

◆ added

gint64 janus_ice_queued_packet::added

◆ control

gboolean janus_ice_queued_packet::control

◆ data

char* janus_ice_queued_packet::data

◆ encrypted

gboolean janus_ice_queued_packet::encrypted

◆ label

char* janus_ice_queued_packet::label

◆ length

gint janus_ice_queued_packet::length

◆ mindex

gint janus_ice_queued_packet::mindex

◆ protocol

char* janus_ice_queued_packet::protocol

◆ retransmission

gboolean janus_ice_queued_packet::retransmission

◆ type

gint janus_ice_queued_packet::type

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