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Data Fields
janus_plugin_rtp Struct Reference

Janus plugin RTP packet. More...

#include <plugin.h>

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Data Fields

int mindex
 Index of the stream (relative to the SDP) More...
gboolean video
 Whether this is an audio or video RTP packet. More...
char * buffer
 The packet data. More...
uint16_t length
 The packet length. More...
janus_plugin_rtp_extensions extensions
 RTP extensions. More...

Detailed Description

Janus plugin RTP packet.

Field Documentation

◆ buffer

char* janus_plugin_rtp::buffer

The packet data.

◆ extensions

janus_plugin_rtp_extensions janus_plugin_rtp::extensions

RTP extensions.

◆ length

uint16_t janus_plugin_rtp::length

The packet length.

◆ mindex

int janus_plugin_rtp::mindex

Index of the stream (relative to the SDP)

On outgoing packets you can set this to -1, to let the Janus core find the first audio/video (depending on the video property) to send this on; notice that this tweak is only there for convenience, and to make it easier for plugins not dealing with multistream, but this shouldn't be relied upon too much as it may go away soon.

◆ video

gboolean janus_plugin_rtp::video

Whether this is an audio or video RTP packet.

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