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Data Fields
janus_pp_g711_wav Struct Reference

Data Fields

char riff [4]
uint32_t len
char wave [4]
char fmt [4]
uint32_t formatsize
uint16_t format
uint16_t channels
uint32_t samplerate
uint32_t avgbyterate
uint16_t samplebytes
uint16_t channelbits
char data [4]
uint32_t blocksize

Field Documentation

◆ avgbyterate

uint32_t janus_pp_g711_wav::avgbyterate

◆ blocksize

uint32_t janus_pp_g711_wav::blocksize

◆ channelbits

uint16_t janus_pp_g711_wav::channelbits

◆ channels

uint16_t janus_pp_g711_wav::channels

◆ data

char janus_pp_g711_wav::data[4]

◆ fmt

char janus_pp_g711_wav::fmt[4]

◆ format

uint16_t janus_pp_g711_wav::format

◆ formatsize

uint32_t janus_pp_g711_wav::formatsize

◆ len

uint32_t janus_pp_g711_wav::len

◆ riff

char janus_pp_g711_wav::riff[4]

◆ samplebytes

uint16_t janus_pp_g711_wav::samplebytes

◆ samplerate

uint32_t janus_pp_g711_wav::samplerate

◆ wave

char janus_pp_g711_wav::wave[4]

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