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Data Fields
rtcp_context Struct Reference

Internal RTCP state context (for RR/SR) More...

#include <rtcp.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t rtp_recvd:1
uint32_t rtp_last_inorder_ts
int64_t rtp_last_inorder_time
uint16_t max_seq_nr
uint16_t seq_cycle
uint16_t base_seq
uint16_t pt
int64_t transit
double jitter
double jitter_remote
uint32_t tb
uint32_t lsr
int64_t lsr_ts
int64_t last_sent
uint32_t rtt
uint32_t rtt_ntp
uint32_t rtt_lsr
uint32_t rtt_dlsr
uint32_t received
uint32_t received_prior
uint32_t expected
uint32_t expected_prior
int32_t lost
int32_t lost_remote
uint32_t retransmitted
uint32_t retransmitted_prior
int64_t rr_last_ts
uint32_t rr_last_ehsnr
int32_t rr_last_lost
uint32_t rr_last_nack_count
gint sent_packets_since_last_rr
gint nack_count
double in_link_quality
double in_media_link_quality
double out_link_quality
double out_media_link_quality

Detailed Description

Internal RTCP state context (for RR/SR)

Field Documentation

◆ base_seq

uint16_t rtcp_context::base_seq

◆ expected

uint32_t rtcp_context::expected

◆ expected_prior

uint32_t rtcp_context::expected_prior

◆ in_link_quality

double rtcp_context::in_link_quality

◆ in_media_link_quality

double rtcp_context::in_media_link_quality

◆ jitter

double rtcp_context::jitter

◆ jitter_remote

double rtcp_context::jitter_remote

◆ last_sent

int64_t rtcp_context::last_sent

◆ lost

int32_t rtcp_context::lost

◆ lost_remote

int32_t rtcp_context::lost_remote

◆ lsr

uint32_t rtcp_context::lsr

◆ lsr_ts

int64_t rtcp_context::lsr_ts

◆ max_seq_nr

uint16_t rtcp_context::max_seq_nr

◆ nack_count

gint rtcp_context::nack_count

◆ out_link_quality

double rtcp_context::out_link_quality

◆ out_media_link_quality

double rtcp_context::out_media_link_quality

◆ pt

uint16_t rtcp_context::pt

◆ received

uint32_t rtcp_context::received

◆ received_prior

uint32_t rtcp_context::received_prior

◆ retransmitted

uint32_t rtcp_context::retransmitted

◆ retransmitted_prior

uint32_t rtcp_context::retransmitted_prior

◆ rr_last_ehsnr

uint32_t rtcp_context::rr_last_ehsnr

◆ rr_last_lost

int32_t rtcp_context::rr_last_lost

◆ rr_last_nack_count

uint32_t rtcp_context::rr_last_nack_count

◆ rr_last_ts

int64_t rtcp_context::rr_last_ts

◆ rtp_last_inorder_time

int64_t rtcp_context::rtp_last_inorder_time

◆ rtp_last_inorder_ts

uint32_t rtcp_context::rtp_last_inorder_ts

◆ rtp_recvd

uint8_t rtcp_context::rtp_recvd

◆ rtt

uint32_t rtcp_context::rtt

◆ rtt_dlsr

uint32_t rtcp_context::rtt_dlsr

◆ rtt_lsr

uint32_t rtcp_context::rtt_lsr

◆ rtt_ntp

uint32_t rtcp_context::rtt_ntp

◆ sent_packets_since_last_rr

gint rtcp_context::sent_packets_since_last_rr

◆ seq_cycle

uint16_t rtcp_context::seq_cycle

◆ tb

uint32_t rtcp_context::tb

◆ transit

int64_t rtcp_context::transit

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