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Data Fields
rtp_header Struct Reference

RTP Header ( More...

#include <rtp.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t version:2
uint16_t padding:1
uint16_t extension:1
uint16_t csrccount:4
uint16_t markerbit:1
uint16_t type:7
uint16_t seq_number
uint32_t timestamp
uint32_t ssrc
uint32_t csrc [16]

Detailed Description

RTP Header (

Field Documentation

uint32_t rtp_header::csrc[16]
uint16_t rtp_header::csrccount
uint16_t rtp_header::extension
uint16_t rtp_header::markerbit
uint16_t rtp_header::padding
uint16_t rtp_header::seq_number
uint32_t rtp_header::ssrc
uint32_t rtp_header::timestamp
uint16_t rtp_header::type
uint16_t rtp_header::version

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