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Data Fields
janus_rtp_forwarder Struct Reference

Helper struct for implementing RTP forwarders. More...

#include <rtpfwd.h>

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Data Fields

void * source
char * context
uint32_t stream_id
int udp_fd
gboolean is_video
gboolean is_data
uint32_t ssrc
int payload_type
int substream
struct sockaddr_in serv_addr
struct sockaddr_in6 serv_addr6
int rtcp_fd
uint16_t local_rtcp_port
uint16_t remote_rtcp_port
void(* rtcp_callback )(struct janus_rtp_forwarder *rf, char *buffer, int len)
GSource * rtcp_recv
gboolean simulcast
janus_rtp_switching_context rtp_context
janus_rtp_simulcasting_context sim_context
gboolean is_srtp
srtp_t srtp_ctx
srtp_policy_t srtp_policy
void * metadata
volatile gint destroyed
 Atomic flag to check if this instance has been destroyed.
janus_refcount ref
 Reference counter for this instance.

Detailed Description

Helper struct for implementing RTP forwarders.

Field Documentation

◆ context

char* janus_rtp_forwarder::context

◆ destroyed

volatile gint janus_rtp_forwarder::destroyed

Atomic flag to check if this instance has been destroyed.

◆ is_data

gboolean janus_rtp_forwarder::is_data

◆ is_srtp

gboolean janus_rtp_forwarder::is_srtp

◆ is_video

gboolean janus_rtp_forwarder::is_video

◆ local_rtcp_port

uint16_t janus_rtp_forwarder::local_rtcp_port

◆ metadata

void* janus_rtp_forwarder::metadata

◆ payload_type

int janus_rtp_forwarder::payload_type

◆ ref

janus_refcount janus_rtp_forwarder::ref

Reference counter for this instance.

◆ remote_rtcp_port

uint16_t janus_rtp_forwarder::remote_rtcp_port

◆ rtcp_callback

void(* janus_rtp_forwarder::rtcp_callback) (struct janus_rtp_forwarder *rf, char *buffer, int len)

◆ rtcp_fd

int janus_rtp_forwarder::rtcp_fd

◆ rtcp_recv

GSource* janus_rtp_forwarder::rtcp_recv

◆ rtp_context

janus_rtp_switching_context janus_rtp_forwarder::rtp_context

◆ serv_addr

struct sockaddr_in janus_rtp_forwarder::serv_addr

◆ serv_addr6

struct sockaddr_in6 janus_rtp_forwarder::serv_addr6

◆ sim_context

janus_rtp_simulcasting_context janus_rtp_forwarder::sim_context

◆ simulcast

gboolean janus_rtp_forwarder::simulcast

◆ source

void* janus_rtp_forwarder::source

◆ srtp_ctx

srtp_t janus_rtp_forwarder::srtp_ctx

◆ srtp_policy

srtp_policy_t janus_rtp_forwarder::srtp_policy

◆ ssrc

uint32_t janus_rtp_forwarder::ssrc

◆ stream_id

uint32_t janus_rtp_forwarder::stream_id

◆ substream

int janus_rtp_forwarder::substream

◆ udp_fd

int janus_rtp_forwarder::udp_fd

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