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Data Fields
janus_streaming_mountpoint Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for janus_streaming_mountpoint:
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Data Fields

guint64 id
gchar * id_str
char * name
char * description
char * metadata
gboolean is_private
char * secret
char * pin
gboolean enabled
gboolean active
gboolean audio
gboolean video
gboolean data
GThread * thread
janus_streaming_type streaming_type
janus_streaming_source streaming_source
void * source
GDestroyNotify source_destroy
GList * viewers
int helper_threads
GList * threads
volatile gint destroyed
janus_mutex mutex
janus_refcount ref

Field Documentation

◆ active

gboolean janus_streaming_mountpoint::active

◆ audio

gboolean janus_streaming_mountpoint::audio

◆ data

gboolean janus_streaming_mountpoint::data

◆ description

char* janus_streaming_mountpoint::description

◆ destroyed

volatile gint janus_streaming_mountpoint::destroyed

◆ enabled

gboolean janus_streaming_mountpoint::enabled

◆ helper_threads

int janus_streaming_mountpoint::helper_threads

◆ id

guint64 janus_streaming_mountpoint::id

◆ id_str

gchar* janus_streaming_mountpoint::id_str

◆ is_private

gboolean janus_streaming_mountpoint::is_private

◆ metadata

char* janus_streaming_mountpoint::metadata

◆ mutex

janus_mutex janus_streaming_mountpoint::mutex

◆ name

char* janus_streaming_mountpoint::name

◆ pin

char* janus_streaming_mountpoint::pin

◆ ref

janus_refcount janus_streaming_mountpoint::ref

◆ secret

char* janus_streaming_mountpoint::secret

◆ source

void* janus_streaming_mountpoint::source

◆ source_destroy

GDestroyNotify janus_streaming_mountpoint::source_destroy

◆ streaming_source

janus_streaming_source janus_streaming_mountpoint::streaming_source

◆ streaming_type

janus_streaming_type janus_streaming_mountpoint::streaming_type

◆ thread

GThread* janus_streaming_mountpoint::thread

◆ threads

GList* janus_streaming_mountpoint::threads

◆ video

gboolean janus_streaming_mountpoint::video

◆ viewers

GList* janus_streaming_mountpoint::viewers

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